Monday, April 1, 2013

Liver Infectiom-Please Pray For My Dad

just drop by kt blog i ni, since this week agak kelam kabut, my father was admitted due to liver infection. doc cakap, kena ambil antibiotic at least 1month, and they will monitor the progress, if hati pecah, kena buat operation immediately. i have no idea what was happen, since my father did not show any hint yang dia ada sakit tuh...mendadak je. tengah mln jumaat kitorang adik beradik sampai kt hospital dlm pukul 2 pagi.
Dah 3 kali kena ambik darah untuk tengok if ada penyakit kritikal.

so, please pray for my father. for those people yang received my sms, thanks for the replies yerk...