Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Malaysia Today

I heard the news of Era Radio this morning, the government will reduce income tax but limited to the middle salary range. I have no idea about the salary range, might be salary between 5k-7k (gross salary). For me it’s doesn’t matter how much your gross salary, the most important thing is, your net salary after deducting the compulsory deduction.

Nowadays, all expenses increase without any signal and control. This is one of the factors contribute to the increasing living expenses. If you go to the market and bring 20 Ringgit, what kind of things you will get? Here and there people talk about the increasing price of groceries, fuel, house and etc but the major question is who controlled the price???? Who behind the scene?????

This thing will never happen if nobody behind the scene right?? I still remember my economic teacher said, our country is not a capitalist economy. We are not practicing that but now, we are similar to the capitalist economy, rich person becomes rich and poor person becomes poor.

Lately, rumors about government will increase another 15 cents for petrol Ron 95, just because to stop smuggling activities. What the hell is going on??? Just because of them, why they must put all the burden to people??? We have a police, custom and all civil servants which is responsible to stop and control the activities, so why they need burden us???

Two days ago, I went to Jalan Ampang, suddenly I saw very exclusive kindergarten there. You know what I think???? This is one of the factors contribute to the increasing living expenses. It’s doesn’t matter how much the fees, rich people willing to pay for their kids security and education. So, in this situation, others kindergarten slowly upgrade their syllabus and services to increase their fees also. So what kind of kindergarten left for people like us??? Only KEMAS and PASTI right?

Oh, I forgot about BRIM. Our Ex-Prime Minister said, no need to give the aid money, this is to teach people not to rely on the government. They must help their self instead of government help them. The reason doesn’t make sense! As a contributor to the income tax, at least I know, where the money has been channeled. Every year, the government received over than 100 million Ringgit incomes taxes and alms from Malaysian people. So, no big deal for them to give the money right?

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