Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Antibiotik Allergy

Rasanya ramai orang yang allergy, tapi allergy kepada makanan, habuk dan bauan. But, it's different with me.

I have 2 types of allergy. One is pollen allergy and the most problem for me is antibiotic allergy.
I realised that i have a pollen allergy 4 years back during my trip to amsterdam. I went there during spring season, and as you know at this time most of the plant will release their spores for pollination process.
For those people who had a pollen allergy they can't expose directly into this situation. it's can cause noose bleeding, patches on the skin, skin & eyes iritation and breathing problem.

This is a very serious, and the doctor advise me to pack all my stuff and get out from their country and never come in spring season...hahahahahah dammnnnn...
I'm suffer for a few weeks, all my body full with patches on the skin...scary!!! and the worse scenario is, i also allergy with antibiotic especially zinate and peninsilin. The same thing will happen to me if i eat the antibiotic. so, i have no choice, only rely to the cream..... Until now, there is no solution for me. Normaly, if get flu or fever, doctor will give me a paracetamol and vitamin C and drink a lot of water. This is the only way to reduce my body temperature...can you imagine how suffer am i???

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