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London and England Trip - Part 1

Salam semua,
Sebenarnya, ni trip tahun lepas. This is my third time in London and England. 3 years back i've been here for bachelor vacation with my girlfriend, unfortunately, at that time i'm still not wearing hijab, so all picture have to disclose. But now, i would like to share with all readers my trip to london.

I went there by MAS (fully recommended), i'm really comfortable fly with MAS. The service is very good, and cabin crew always helpful, x sombong..and the best thing kalau naek MAS i selalu mintak roti lebih time breakfast...hahaha , sangat jahat jangan tiru macam saya..!

Our flight at 9 am, so i been there 3 hour earlier to check in all my luggage. Tips to traveller, x payah bawak banyak sangat baju, bawak baju yang boleh pakai 2-3 kali, sana if kita cuci pown, senang sangat nak kering. nanti dah sampai sana, kita still nak beli-belah, so your luggage will full with your shopping item..nanti kena charge course over luggage. I bring hand luggage which is full with my clothes and also large empty luggage. I put the small luggage inside the big it's become one..:) hehehe.

From KL to London it will take about 13 hours journey. Make sure you bring a neck pillow to support your neck masa titon dalam flight nanti..kalau x, sakit tengkok woooo.
Yeah, seriously boring because it will take a very - very long time to arrive heatrow what you can do is, read your magazine, listen music with your mp3, or watch movie...normally if i travel more than 8 hours, serious i boleh  habiskan sampai 6 movie....hahaha hampeh, can you imagine how boring i am and how i wish i can play a guitar in the plane?????????? matik kena belasah kalau i insist nak buat jugak time tu..hehehe.

After 13 hours, safely landed at Heatrow airport..even in summer season, the weather still rasa macam winter, sebab i bukan orang putih so kalau sejuk sikit dah rasa menggigil.
Bila summer the problem is, waktu siang lebih panjang dr malam, kalau pukul 9 tu, macam pukul 6 kat malaysia, then ada mak cik-mak cik yang still garderning at this time...hahaha owesome lah!!!!

Then we took a taxi to go to islington wich our hotel located. taxi fare is quite cheap, 4 people only 33 Pound (do not convert it to RM since this is a London not Malaysia). Islington is quite far from heatrow airport, so the journey will take about 1 hour...sampai tertido-tido dalam taxi..sorry i forgot to snap picture of the taxi.. i was amazed with the taxi appearance look, it's similar with the colonial car...terasa macam zaman penjajahan british masa kat tanah melayu dulu la plak..walaupun tak merasa pown zaman tu...

we have to stay at islington since the graduation season for all university in London just started, so almost hotel in london city is fully booked. Last time i been here, i stayed at hotel which is located at malaysian hall. The rental is vey cheap, about 30~50 pound only.

Finally we arrived at islington small city. Best gak kawasan ni, still got shopping complex, starbuck and a lot of halal restaurant here..suddenly i saw evening market at the building alley, hahaha it's a great time to start cuci mata here. Hurm, a lot of thing you can buy here, laptop bag, shoes,blouse, legging and all street fashion wear is here. 100 metres from the market, i saw small shoes shop there, it's remind me at my hometown...memang macam kedai tai tong kat pekan area my home town...hahahaha but the different is all banded item sold here..
Yang penting ada jenama yang i suka..semestinya ADIDAS..hehe. The price is affordable, kalau convert pown still cheaper than malaysia market price.. cuma yang x bestnya, balik je malaysia, kasut kena curi...huhu sediy sangat-sangat...

 me and sister at islington small city

 Small Islington City

 Infront of Hilton Islington

see, dental whitening from 199 pound....:)

Malam tu kami keluar ke london city, tengok night scenery kat town...dulu x pernah jalan-jalan sini sangat, i fokus ke new castle, tapi sebelum tu sempat ke machester and liverpool ...tengok stadium old Trafford and ke universety of conventry UK. so time tu memang trip tu new castle je lah...hehehe. but this time sempat pusing-pusing sini...

From islington we took a train at angel station to go to london bridge station. Fare around 2.15 pound per head.. at london bridge station is more easier to find tourist attract places e.g london bridge, london eye, big Ben and also small shop sold sourvenier. A lot of souvenier here, but all of the items is made from china....hahahaha...better i go to china after this and borong all landmark sourvenier each contry...yeahhh that's a good idea rite????? then, claim dah pergi semua negara..sebab dh ada sourvenier...hehehe...

Lot of halal restaurant here, most of them is bangladesh people! Really supprised because bangladesh people at my country is a building general worker!!!! owesome!!!! agaknya yang datang sini memang orang senang kot..yang malaysia nun orang susah sikit...hihi my opinion lah...

The food serve here is halal..owh i forgot to tell something..only beef is halal, chicken is not halal. Might be the course to slaughter the chicken is expesive, so that the reason why only beef is halal. No need to worry, even the chicken is not halal, there is no pork available at this retaurant. The name of the restaurant is London Bridge Tandori - Indian Cuisine. You can order indian local cuisin, mutton curry, mutton tika and  prawn curry. I love the papadom, garlic nan, prawan briani, beef briani and also  cakni. Cakni also known as puree...the taste is amazing...ramai plak britush people yang suka makan indian food nih...diorang lepak-lepak sambil minum bir.....kadang-kadang rasa macam dalam pub yang kita selalu tengok dalam cerita omputih tu plak...

Weather still like a winter...i have to wear my glove..sangat sejuk, sampai biru-biru jari tangan...after dinner we back to islington..time to rest...kaki dah lenguh sangat-sangat sebab terlalu sejuk...

 London Eye
 London Big Ben
Halal Indian Food at London Bridge

I think enough for part 1, to be continue by part 2,3 and etc...hehe enjoy reading my trip..

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