Thursday, June 2, 2016


Salam Ramadhan almubarak.

Lately ni banyak sangat baca perkongsian ibu-ibu tentang tips2 penjagaan anak mereka, tak kurang juga ada yang beri komen bila tengok depa-depa ni bgtau cara-cara yang betul nak didik anak2 depa ni. 

I reserved my comment on their discussion because I have my own thought on this issue.
Every child is different, trust me. Yes you can say you do this, do that to teach your child and the result is you can discipline them. As parents, we are constantly comparing our child to others. Whilst this can be a source of great pride, but it can also become a source of worry that something is wrong with our child or we are doing something wrong as parents?

All child have different strengths and skills, some of the good in music, art, some are very academic and others not. Some are highly focus and others are more relaxed.

Many parents are feeling overpressure to get their right parenting skill. Parenting skill will come naturally to you. You need the adaptability and flexibility in parenting. You should focus on your own child’s interest, boots their confident and show them the way. Don’t under estimate their capability and never stop them if they are doing the right thing even though you don’t like it because this is about your child, not yourself. Do not feel judge by others, know that parenting will keep on changing and what works well for one child may not work well for the next.  

Can we beat our child? It is up to you. It will be a good idea either bad idea too. As I said before, every child is different, so you should observe you child character. Many parents prefer beating their kids as a lesson learnt when they are doing bad thing, it is doesn’t mean to hit them, but to teach them be a better child.

Me? I’m not preferred beating my child, three of them have a same character, they only listen to me when I talk in soft tone. If I use my “high pitch” and beat them, they will screaming at me…hahahahaha (I did try it before).

So, don’t compare your child with others ya. Tak kisah apa orang nak cakap tentang anak kita, tapi kita sebagai ibu bapa, kena yakin dan bangga dengan anak-anak kita. Anak2 tu anugerah dari Allah.
Ampa je tau macamana anak ampa punya character, dekat dunia ni orang yang suka megah-megah tu memang ramai, semua nak riak cakap anak depa yang terbaik, kecik-kecik dah pandai baca Al-Quran, hafaz Alquran…ya, memang tuan puan, bagus anak ampa camtu, persoalannya apa tujuan ampa bgtau kat semua orang? And ampa x risau ka, kalau besar nanti anak ampa tak jadi macam yang ampa expect????

Whatever lah kan, beri didikan terbaik, terima kelemahan dan kekurangan anak-anak kita….last but not least, tolong jangan cerita keburukan or kelemahan anak-anak kita kat jiran-jiran, sedara mara…benda ni Nampak simple, tapi berbahaya, depa ni akan ada rasa x puas hati or dendam kat kita…so plaster mulut elok-elok…bye-bye…

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